O-Week closes

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I wasn’t quire sure what to expect from O-week.  I figured it would be slightly different than my undergrad version with 4am wake-ups, shavings and aerobic performances whilst being doused with cold water.  Those were the good old days.

Instead, I got to experience amazing speakers, do the aussie cheer, and party hard.

1. The speakers were amazing:

  • DaNae started Indiegogo and pushed us to seek our calling
  • Barbara from BoA awed me with her tenacity and ability to maintain a strong network
  • Tom Kelley introduced vuja de – seeing your routine with new eyes
  • Guy Kawasaki taught me to man up, say yes, give first and be succinct


2. As part of the program, we’ve been assigned to cohorts and I’ve had the fortune of being placed in Oski.  Fortune because the cheer reminds me of home “Oski, Oski, Oski – Oi, Oi, Oi”  We haven’t won much yet, and our wins have no correlation: trivia, flag football and twister


3. Oh, the parties have been good.  A quick trip to “Saddle Rack” allowed me to quickly dip my toes in country-esque nights out.  The mechanical bull was a highlight.  We’ve also managed to squeeze in some good nights out at local pubs and an 80s party which I enjoyed more than I had anticipated.  You can’t say no to a free photo booth.


Overall a blast – they say Berkeley purposes chooses its people to form a particular culture. Oweek has definitely been the place to see that – here’s to the next 2 years.

P.S. Here’s to XAUUSD, which appears to be back on the climb after a few hiccups.

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