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I want to set the context for checkins and how to use them.  We’ve found these are the most effective ways to pass on the way we work and also ramp you up fastest in a very personal way.  


Checkins are the building blocks of coaching up our team and as time goes on becomes a great way to understand blockers and remove them.  It’s a great way to make sure you’re moving as fast as possible and iterating quickly.  Overall, we’ve found that it increases employee engagement and connects employees/managers on a very short feedback loop.  At nirvana level, it becomes a way for you to take control of your goals and get us to remove blockers and give you resources so you can excel.  


We are pushing towards more and more measurable targets so it’s clear for everyone.  This isn’t quite clean given we’re a startup and things change all the time.  However, we are wanting to set clear outcomes so you know what it means to be doing well.  

The first few chats, I likely won’t dictate KPIs yet.  It’s for me to understand what you’re up to and how you’re going.  After a while, I do want to push towards some measurable outcomes.  These goal posts may shift but it’s better than none.  These outcomes will then be formally measured as part of your performance assessments.  


When we first begin, I’ll likely ask questions about what you’re working on and how you’re doing it. I’ll quickly start to push the logic and push you for next steps.  I’ve been told I’m quite Socratic in my methods.  

Ultimately, this is your meeting.  The expected format is that you come in with your live tasks, status updates and direct questions/decisions for me.  We just work through your list of things and it’s up to you to prioritise what to spend the time on.  My nirvana is when you’ve done all the prework so I can easily say “yes”.  

What I expect

  • You have an agenda for what we need to cover
  • You maintain a clear to-do list that we can walk through
  • You come prepared with status updates and questions
  • You do the work so I can just say “yes”

What you should expect from me

  • Be engaged in what you have to say
  • Ask questions (hopefully intelligent)
  • Push you to achieve more faster
  • Remove blockers that you’re facing

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