Accidentally ending up with a Mustang

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A weird decision

When I arrived at the rental car service, they asked me if I wanted something fun or something fuel efficient.  For some subpar reason (jet lag, temporarily low ego and a wanderlust for something cool), I opted for the “fun”.
Rarely, do I ever make such uncalculated decisions, so much so when skipping my wife she didn’t believe me, her mum or brother that I had rented a 2017 Mustang.  It took her brother going outside with a camera to make her believe*.
Her first question “Do you feel like a tool driving that car?”

3 things I’ve noticed since being in a Mustang

  1. People give way when they don’t need to
    This may be confirmation bias but I was in several situations where someone else had equal or slightly more right of way, but they let me go.  First, I was in a carpark where I was merging onto the main thoroughfare.  I stopped to let a driver pass by on the main road.  He instead stopped and signaled for me to go.  An hour later I was in the carpark of Best Buy, I had a stop sign and a lady on my right had none.  I stopped.  She stopped and signalled for me to go.  I signalled for her to go.  She insisted I went.  Finally, some lady was being a bit retarded and I beeped her preemptively to avoid the rental getting touched.  She said sorry, which is the first time anyone has said sorry.This could be attributed to coincidence but reflects a different experiment where people gave in to richer cars like BMWs when they didn’t have to.  Also, fun fact BMW drivers are jerks.  Incidentally, I’m not purposely less willing to give way to a BMW because of this research.
  2. I don’t appreciate it
    I’m not a car geek.  I consciously made a decision not to be.  About 13, I was choosing between cars and computers.  Most of my friends went to cars but I went to computers.  1) cheaper depreciation activity  2) I could actually make money and so I made a bunch of computers for my friends and maintained others as my first side income.So I’ve noticed I don’t know how to “feel” the horsepower from behind the wheel.  I wouldn’t know what constitutes a ‘good ride’ so I can’t fully appreciate whatever awesomeness I’m meant to be feeling.
  3. I’m more stressed using it
    When I was a kid, my mother never let me run near glass without a good chiding or yelling.  I think that data point represents an innate fear instilled – I have an irrational fear being around rich things.  It turns out this extends to the car.I drive even more like a grandma around it, am way more cautious and generally scared of it getting touched.  Such luck as I’ve never had a car roadside issue and today I have a flat tire from a screw on the side of the road.

*As more context, all the other vehicles I’ve owned.  TL;DR – a bunch of otherwise very average rides because I’m cheap.
  • Hyundai Excel 1991 (Manual) – roof leaked water, no zircon and everything was cracked or worse for wear.  When I tried to sell it, I didn’t get one bite and the shop wanted me to PAY to take it away.  I ended up giving it to a friend of mine
  • Suzuki GSX-250F Across – motorbike that was way to heavy for my small frame and wiggled violently in the wind.  Otherwise a lovely ride
  • Acura TL 2001 – my first ‘luxury’ car with automatic windows, air conditioning and a working radio.  Bought it for $3,500 from the original owners and that car so plenty of action.  The radio even worked.

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