I maintain an entrepreneurial itch I need to scratch, so I  started a little outfit that sells tailor made suits.  makemysuit is the fruition of a dream to dress the modern gentleman and make sure Australians look dapper.

The tailor made suit experience that I would want:
– for the same prices as traditional retail
– perfectly made to fit your body
– free customisations, alterations and shipping

My favourite part to date – word of mouth remains our greatest channel for sales


One of our great looking suits!


My next journey begins

I’ve just finished two and a half years at The Boston Consulting Group based in Sydney and loved nearly every moment of it thinking about the most important problems for some of Australia’s largest organisations.

I’m about to begin the next step to chase an MBA at UC Berkeley.  I’m extremely excited to be at one of America’s top schools and soak in the world of technology and entrepreneurship.  It’s allowing me to meet super cool people with big ideas and hopefully allow me to become a better business shaper.

I’m beginning this journey to let my future self learn from my present self:
– to better understand my thinking in my past
– teach myself to write
– reminisce on some good times